“Rich Egg” Handmade Salty Duck Egg Cookies Treat to Warm Your Heart

Fujin Tree Group launches a brand new gift – “Rich Egg” handmade salty duck egg cookies at the end of the year to provide our customers a brand new choice for gifts.

“Rich Egg” cookies that have the best creamy flavor and quality packaging, is the best gift as a token to express your kindness and gratitude no matter for business partners, co-workers, families or for your date. Selected high quality duck egg yolks from the beautiful farms of Ilan are mixed with flour and milk are all made by hand into each piece of salty duck egg cookies that has a unique texture. This sweet-salty cookie full of egg flavor, makes you eat one piece after another, and is the perfect snack to go with coffee, tea or ice cream.

We designed the packaging of our “Rich Egg” cookies with orange as our basic color, symbolizing the beautiful landscape of our land – Taiwan and our richness in culture. We hope that our packaging could make all the people who received the cookie feel the warm hospitality of our land.

Our cookies are made to fit your mouth in one bite and also packaged by each piece. Small cute orange packaged cookies, are the cutest, and most eye-catching decoration on your desk.

“Rich Egg” Handmade Salty Duck Egg Cookies, mouth watering snacks for yourself or to give out as gifts. Come and have a taste right now!
12 pieces per box, NTD$350/box.


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