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Top 25 Must buy gift selected by GO TRIP Hong Kong. Collaborated with 7-11 HK in 2019, salty duck egg cookies have became the perfect choice for tourists and as corporate gifts.

Rich Egg

All prime ingredients

Selected high quality duck eggs from the beautiful farms of Ilan. Egg yolks mixed with flour and milk are all made by hand into each piece of salty duck egg cookies that has unique texture.

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Renovating Tradition;
Bringing back the retro trend.

These Chinese Embroidered shoes are beloved by Japanese buyers and famous brands. Apart from the exclusive styles from 355 select, we also have specially designed styles collaborated with Japan Fashion Brand KBF and CITY SHOP. Our Chinese embroidered shoes are also selected and sold by a lot of famous select shops.

China Shoes


We re-introduced this traditional Taiwanese brand that has been here for over hundreds of years but went out of business in this modern era. We re-invented this unique piece of art by adding air cushions to classic satin face and tassel to keep its traditional style but upgraded with modern comfort for your feet.



Retro Taiwan Vibe
Presenting great Taiwanese Hospitality

Characters on the glass represent the Moto of life: To “eat well”, “drink well”, and “chill”! Also, the package of the glasses uses a traditional saying borrowed from fruit packaging back in the old days, “classified and packed for best quality”, which puts a knowing smile on people’s faces.

Fujin Tree Beer Cup

Fujin Tree X Spring Pool Glass
Crossover Collaboration

Fujin Tree Group and Spring Pool Glass launched a crossover collaboration, introducing our very own Fujin Tree beer glass collection – traditional 143 c.c beer glasses with unique designs that originated from local and lovely concepts .


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