Fujin Tree Group Receives GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2016

Fujin Tree Group and designer Shih Chieh Jeng received GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2016 in community project, and also BEST 100 designs! The total of 4,085 works were submitted in 2016 and in addition to being examined in Japan, these works also were evaluated locally in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.Fujin Tree Group is more than honoured to have received the award, and we expect ourselves to keep on our work no matter where our next location would be with our Moto – grow with the land and create a better future.


Founded by Japan Institute of Design Promotion, GOOD DESIGN AWARD acquires a “comprehensive design evaluation process” in order to select and grade different “good designs no matter tangible or intangible. The selected good designs will receive awards and promotion to lead our life, the industry and our society towards a more prosperous direction. The award started in 1975 as the “Good Design Selection System, or G-Mark” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and has almost 60 years of history. GOOD DESIGN AWARD has recognized various objects surrounding us, including industrial goods, architecture, software, systems, services and so on, and around 1,200 designs are selected each year. Till now it has given out over 43,000 awards in the past 59 years. Only those receiving GOOD DESIGN AWARD are allowed to use the “G-Mark.” The icon of “G-Mark”, which has a history of over half a century, has always been a remarkable sign for good designs!

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