First Official Store for FREITAG – Eco-friendly bags from Switzerland in Taiwan @ Fujin Street

FREITAG, the popular Switzerland eco-friendly bags that stirred up a lot of hype in Taiwan when opening pop-up stores is back! Starting from autumn 2016, Fujin Tree Group, as the exclusive agent for FREITAG in Taiwan, opens the first official store at Fujin Street on 23rd, September (Fri.).

The first store is designed with a white interior and the brand’s signature industrial style. FREITAG exclusive “V30 FREITAG SKID” large wall display cabinet is also introduced in the store to present thousands of hand-cut, hand-sewn, durable and unique FREITAG bags. Apart from the beloved and popular FUNDAMENTAL series and ACCESSORIES, the official store also displays the REFERENCE series which the canvas are aged for years, and also F-ABRIC series which materials are developed by FREITAG from the yarns, and could be 100% dissolved in natural habitat.

During the opening event on 23rd, September, international sales director Jeannine Egli flew to Taiwan to join the event and shared the brand’s value with each participant. In the opening ceremony, we also invited everyone to join our DIY workshop to make their own recycled canvas keychain to express the spirit of FREITAG. We hope that through our events, we can bring the spirit of “Cycle” from FREITAG to different cities around the world.

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