One and only bag in the world just for you! Eco-friendly brand “FREITAG” from Switzerland will be displaying in plain-me Taichung Art Museum Parkway

The first time for “FREITAG”, the eco-friendly brand from Switzerland, a country famous for design and art, to display in central Taiwan. We worked with clothing brand “plain-me” and arranged a pop up area for one month from 18th, July (Thu) to 19th, Aug (Mon) inside plain-me Taichung Art Museum Parkway. FREITAG F-ans out there, don’t miss out the chance to come and check out the FREITAG bags in Taichung!

The must-know brand from Switzerland – FREITAG

“The one and only bag in the world for you!” Established in 1993 by designers Markus and Daniel, the name “Freitag” means Friday in Dutch, and is also the last name of the brothers. They first started this brand because they find it difficult to find a well-designed bag that is good looking, durable and eco-friendly, so they decided to start their own brand – FREITAG. With eye-catching designs and the fact that every single bag is distinct, along with its durability, water-proof and wear-proof features, FREITAG quickly gained popularity in the designer community around the world, and has been recognized as one of the signature designs of modern Switzerland!

FREITAG embraced the concept of environmental protection into its root and product developments. The materials of the bags are recycled canvas of the trucks in Europe and the recycled seat-belts from discarded cars. Through upcycling, they transformed these recycled materials into durable, waterproof and wear-proof FREITAG bags. “Each one recycled ,each one unique.”, FREITAG sticks to their Moto, and becomes one of the coolest bag brands.

FREITAG’s little secrets:

FREITAG is Dutch for friday, and also the last name of the founders. It is said that Friday comes from the name of the Nordic love goddess Freia, so Friday also has another romantic nickname – “Day of the goddess of love”. The freitag brothers also established their brand with such romantic thoughts! How do you pronounce FREITAG you ask? It sounds similar to “Fry-Tug”

Each style of FREITAG’s bag is named after TV, movie or myth characters.

FREITAG has 5 “Truck Detectives” in their Headquarters in Switzerland. Their job is to look around on the streets of Europe to discover Truck canvas that are suitable for new bags, and they will record the car plates and send it back to HQ. The detectives are especially fond of truck canvas that are around 5 to 8 years old, so they are a bit worn, but not too dirty.

Recycling in Switzerland is strictly regulated, so all 15,000 liter of water a day for cleaning the canvas (the water usage of 55 Taiwanese citizens) comes from rain water collected off the roof and the recycled water used to wash the previous canvas, and they still recycle the water after washing.

Every bag style has its own stop-motion animation, using background sounds recorded from the factories. Video link:

Despite their great success around the world, the FREITAG brothers still travel around on bikes and public transportation.


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