Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine and Champagne to start a new place “BAO XIANG”, providing the private dining experience for gourmets

Promoting the main concept “presenting authentic Taiwanese Cuisine with French dining experience”, Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine and Champagne is widely beloved by gourmets all over the world. The new service “BAO XIANG”, aiming to provide private dining experience, with special spaces designed only for 2- 12 people, providing a comfortable space suitable for treating guests, business gathering and dating.

Established in 2014, Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine and Champagne innovated the Taiwanese cuisine scene with the main concept to present authentic Taiwanese Cuisine with French dining experience, bringing in high-end French Champagne and experience into Taiwanese Cuisine to create a modern vibe. Here, we try to slow down the dining pace of traditional Taiwanese cuisines, and to deliver the idea of “slowing down”, and we quickly became one of the most hyped restaurants in the nation. We also received several recommendations, such as《Monocle》 World Travel Top 50 in 2014, 《LV City Guide》Must Visit Restaurant in Taiwan in 2016, Taipei City Government 10 Best Taiwanese Cuisine 2018 and US Food Critic 《EATER》Recommended Restaurants in Taipei 2019.


Taiwnese Cuisine with Private Rooms Only

Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine and Champagne expanded their restaurants this year to fulfill the crowd craving for a seat. Also, in response to customers’ demand to find a private dining Taiwanese cuisine, they launched a new space called ” BAO XIANG” to satisfy the customers looking for a little more privacy. BAO XIANG provides our honoured guests a perfect place to treat guests, hold business dinners or date, with flexible seating ranging from 2 to 12 persons, served with the best delicacy and privacy.

The interior is also designed by plant installation artist Li-Ji who has worked with Fujin Tree group since we first started. The concept was to express “the meaning of dining.” Dining is not only eating food, but also includes different cultures, politics and ethnicity, which reflects the complexity of taste amongst different civilizations. At BAO XIANG, for people who choose to dine here, it means that they are also choosing a much comfortable, private location for themselves. Therefore, in order to enrich the idea without exaggerations, Lee Chi arranged sophisticated petals, leaves and twigs to present spring flowers, dragon, phoenix and magpie in Taiwan tradition, symbolizing wealth and happiness. The idea of dining in BAO XIANG means everything will go smooth and prosperous.

BAO XIANG Exclusive Menu 

Apart from the signature dishes from Fujin Tree Taiwanese Cuisine and Champagne, our team also created over 10 dishes that are exclusive only in BAO XIANG, including traditional dishes such as:

  • Butterfish with Rice Vermicelli: Using fresh butterfish sliced and fried over a slow fire for the fish oil and added into Taiwanese fine rice vermicelli which are simmered with homemade scallion soup. You can taste the sweet umami flavor of the soup, and also the soft taro nuggets and overflowing salty flavor of white pomfret.
  • Fo Tiao Qiang: Originated from the traditional stewing process, dozens of rare food ingredients such as abalone and scallops are simmered in a balanced manner, and the umami flavor is integrated into a pot. It is undoubtedly the most symbolic dish in BAO XIANG for reunion or to treat foreign guests. First you smell the aroma as you open the pot, then you can taste the sweet umami soup and ingredients inside.
  • Kung Pao Trios: Trios are three different sea foods – unshelled crab legs, open-back prawns and Penghu neritic squid. Deep fried with a thin batter and then stirred with the spicy and appetizing Kung Pao sauce. The essence of this dish is to carefully control the cooking temperature while deep-frying and stir frying so the outer crust remains crispy, but the inner is soft and tender which gives the best texture to go with the spicy sauce.
  • Deep Fried Pork Ribs: Soft ribs are marinated in our special sauce made with champagne and other secret ingredients for 4 hours to soften the texture of the meat. After marinating, the ribs are deep fried with a thin layer of batter. After removing excessive oil, this tender soft meat dish is ready to serve!

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